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Fishing Log and Analysis System

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The Fish Tracking System

Version 12.0
Software for Windows«
XP w/SP2 thru Windows« 10

The PC Fishing Log Software Concept was developed first by BLS Associates in 1985.  Continuing feedback and improvements in computer hardware, database tools and design have led to our latest version of
The Fish Tracking System«

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Have you ever thought about keeping a fishing log?  You should.  Most successful anglers on the pro circuits (and even Isaac Walton himself ) have kept catch records to improve their angling skills.
Now, you can point & click your way to a "Winning, Fishing Game Plan".  The Fish Tracking System tracks weather and water conditions along with catch results by date, location, sub location, angler, pattern, lure, presentation, retrieve, and species of fish.  Soon, you'll have a huge pool of fishing information that can be queried, charted, interpreted, then applied on your next fishing trip. Gain an enormous advantage on your competition or quarry by preparing a well developed fishing strategy before you head out on the water.

The Fish Tracking System

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